We are committed to creating and building

As a NGK student, you will get to train in a positive atmosphere, with positive people, working toward healthy and positive goals.  New Generation Karate is more than a fitness center, it is more than an extra curricular activity, it is more than a self-help club.  New Generation Karate is school of higher learning, in which students learn to empower themselves and raise their level of personal success through the practice of the martial arts. Our Martial Arts curriculum focuses on several main areas:

Practical Self Defense

We teach our students the ABC’s of Conflict Avoidance.  Our students learn invaluable skills that keep them out of harm’s way.  Our self-defense curriculum includes:

  • Boundary Setting Skills

    Students learn how to assertively use verbal and non-verbal communication skills that convey confidence.  So that, if they ever find themselves in an uncomfortable or dangerous situation, they can get out of it without having to resort to physical means.

  • Awareness Skills

    Students learn how to spot an uncomfortable or dangerous situation and avoid it altogether.

  • Combat Skills

    At NGK, students learn battle-tested, street-smart, effective self-defense skills.  We combine the blocking, striking, kicking and evading skills of Karate and Kickboxing and Muay Thai; the sweeping, throwing, and wrestling skills of Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu submission grappling; and the joint manipulation, pressure points, and restraining techniques of traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu.

  • Character Development

    Students learn "To get respect one must first give respect."  Students learn that being a Martial Artist is being a “Good Guy.”  NGK students learn the values of Confidence, Respect, Focus, Self Discipline, Self Control, Perseverance, Integrity, Loyalty, Commitment, Teamwork, and Leadership.

  • Personal Development


    At New Generation Karate you will learn that if you want to get more out of life, you need to set goals.  We teach students how to set personal goals, how to create plans of action, how to keep the daily discipline, and how to always strive to out-do themselves.


    The martial arts teach you to believe in yourself.  It teaches you that it is important to think big, and to set high expectations for yourself.  It teaches you that if you set your sight on an attainable goal, educate yourself in every way possible, and give consistent, focused effort toward your goals, that you too, may enjoy the overwhelming confidence that only a sense of accomplishment can bring. Often times an unattainable goal is merely the product of a series of smaller, more attainable goals.

  • Extra Curricular Education

    At New Generation Karate we are big on education.  We believe that knowledge is power that can never be taken away.  Our students understand that anyone can learn how to fight, but if you are to be a true martial artist, and earn a Black Belt in our school, then you must learn to open your mind and fill it with as much knowledge as possible. A mind is like a parachute…it works best when it’s open.  We use martial arts training as a medium by which our instructors reinforce topics our students are learning or will be learning in school.  We also check our students’ report cards and progress reports regularly.

  • Consistency

    In the martial arts consistency is the key to success. We recommend that a student commit to a minimum of two classes per week.  If you enrolled in a college course you would devote 3 hours each week to preparing for class, getting to class, and studying at home consistently throughout the week.  New Generation Karate is a serious school and is looking for students who are serious about learning.  Once you begin you will find yourself looking forward to your next class, practicing at home, and seeing the results of “taking consistent action.”

Total Fitness

Muscular Development + Cardio Conditioning + Flexibility = Total Fitness.


The Martial Arts is a great way to get into shape and to stay in shape.  As you begin your training you will see what the martial arts have done for others.  You will learn how to be faster, stronger, healthier, more flexible, more ready, more alert, and more relaxed.


Our students learn fundamental athletic skills like balance, coordination, flexibility, agility, endurance, and proper nutrition.  Classes include exercises that will increase muscular development, cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility.  All this, while you punch and kick the stress right out of your body.  You will look better and you will feel better.  You will have a better self-image, increased confidence, and a positive mental attitude.  Martial arts is training for the mind, body, and spirit.