little dragons

Start your kid's early!

4-6 year old boys and girls


Unlike other children’s activities, NGK Little Dragons get the perfect blend of fun and learning.  We provide a one-of-a-kind choice for parents who want to make sure that their child’s future is one filled with confidence and success, as well as an exciting and healthy adventure along the way.


The New Generation Karate Little Dragons Program is the perfect activity for children ages 4-6.  Our Little Dragons learn awareness skills, verbal and non-verbal boundary setting skills, and easy-to-learn yet effective self defense skills.  They also learn fundamental athletic skills like balance, coordination, flexibility, agility, and proper nutrition.  The part that most parents seem to like best is how our Little Dragons learn the life skills of the martial arts.  What better time than at this age to teach our children about respect, focus, self- discipline, perseverance, and indomitable spirit.


Our instructors understand that at this age children have a short attention span, and you will see that classes are broken down into a series of mini-lessons to help our Little Dragons to stay focused and get more out of every class.  It is an awesome feeling to see these Little Dragons learn so much about honor, loyalty, and integrity.  You can actually see the changes happening.  Little Dragons become more confident, more focused, more attentive, more respectful, they even learn to discipline themselves.


As a NGK “Little Dragon,” your child will learn:


• How to set short term goals and achieve them.

• How to say no to negative peer pressure.

• Fundamental self-defense skills.

• The importance of showing respect for parents and teachers.

• What to do if approached by a stranger.

• The ability to cooperate and work with other children.

• How to develop a “Yes I Can” Attitude.


These powerful skills will not only help your child to overcome life’s many obstacles and challenges, it will empower them to excel in all areas of life.


How to Enroll

Registration is ongoing.  You may enter a Little Dragon Program at any time.*


We invite you to visit New Generation Karate or to call (516) 488-8700.


* Class size is limited and enrollment may be delayed during certain times of the year. Pre-registration is available and recommended to guarantee placement.