special programs

New Generation Karate is here to help parents, teachers, coaches, and administrators in the educational process.  We want our students to be academic Black Belts too. The martial arts teach respect, focus, self-discipline, teamwork, goal setting, and leadership skills.  Can you think of anyone you know that might benefit from some useful tips in these areas?



New Generation Karate provides FREE, non-violent, non-aggressive School Talk presentations for audiences as small as a single class, to combined physical education classes, we even offer school talks for Full-Auditorium Assemblies.


There are several types of School Talks:


Classroom School Talk… A New Generation Karate School Talk consists of a motivational interactive presentation, which addresses the concepts of Respect, Focus, and Self-Discipline.  This is followed by useful tips on self-defense such as Awareness Skills, Verbal Boundary Setting, and the ABC’s of Conflict Avoidance. The Classroom School Talk can be presented to up to three classes at a time depending on size of classes and classrooms.


“Martial Arts Class” for Physical Education class… Bring a real-life, certified “Sensei” into your physical education classroom to teach your physical education class for the day…students are taken through the warm-ups, stretching, work out, and fundamental karate training of a real Karate class…Messages of the day include: respect, focus, self-discipline…


 “Self Defense Class” for Physical Education class…Let your physical education class learn about personal safety.  Students will learn the Awareness Skills used to spot a bad situation and how to avoid it…Verbal and Non-Verbal Boundary Setting Skills to talk your way out of unsafe or uncomfortable situations with confidence…Effective Methods of Self-Defense in a variety of situations


General Assembly…New Generation Karate is also available to speak to auditoriums of students.  These talks are usually motivational presentations that get students to open their minds, and to get them to want more out of life for themselves.  This is a powerful presentation on the importance of goal setting and the power of consistent “Baby Steps” toward our goals…


Teachers/Administrators can have New Generation Karate School Talks tailored to address specific issues, such as Goal Setting, Stranger Danger, Child Safety, Gangs/Violence, etc.




New Generation Karate is also available for career day events.  Our instructors are personable and more than happy to speak to students about what it is like to have the coolest job in the world.  We offer presentations on “A Day in the Life of a Sensei.”  We discuss what it is like to do what we love to do, everyday, as a career.  We help others improve their lives through the martial arts by teaching self-defense, fitness, and how to set and work toward self-improvement goals they never thought they could achieve.  This is always an interesting twist to throw into your otherwise ordinary Career Day.



Martial Arts instructors are often asked how they have the patience to teach children, or how they can motivate an entire room with relatively few words, or how they empower students of all ages to empower themselves.  Now, New Generation Karate is available to speak at PTA meetings. Our instructors will share some of the useful and highly effective teaching and coaching tips that we use to ensure the building of positive mental attitude, healthy self-esteem, and an insatiable hunger for knowledge.  We also speak to parents and teachers about issues such as child safety, stranger danger, and bullying issues.