Bring the Essential Life Lessons Outside of Class

Our NGK Karate Kids program will train our students physically and mentally. It goes beyond that as it also teaches them the value of never giving up, the power of self-discipline, dedication, motivation to succeed, and the faith that health, success, and happiness await you. We want them to awaken the warrior in them and carry these skills to their future. We believe that growth is multi-faceted, and we are here to help them. 

An Excellent Place to Learn Self Defense

Kids at ten years old become more exposed to the outside world, and we want them physically, mentally, and psychologically prepared. Acquiring verbal and non-verbal boundary-making skills and basic yet effective self-defense techniques go a long way to making them street smart. Our activities will make them aware of bully management, stranger danger, anti-abduction, pedestrian safety, good-touch, bad-touch, and more!