Watch Your Teens Grow to be Respectful and Focused Individuals

There is more exposure to all kinds of influences for boys and girls 11 to 14 years old. Our NGK Teens Program is aimed to help students prioritize what matters most and differentiate between bad and good behavior. We will help them go through adolescence healthily and positively. We want them to learn the importance of morals, respect, kindness, self-control, self-discipline, integrity, compassion, and non-violence in all they do. 

Train and Defend Like a Winner

We will teach our students the powerful effects of learning self-defense. It is a necessary tool that will help them prepare against any unexpected danger. In all our self-defense classes, they will verbal and non-verbal boundary settings with self-defense styles to properly navigate themselves out of these events. Our training is realistic and hands-on and will get them courageous to defend themselves and their families.

A Black Belt Excellence State of Mind

We abide by the Three Rules of a Champion: Eat Right, Sleep Right, and Train Right.) These little things are actually small steps to more significant and long-term habits that will hone them to be disciplined, responsible, and motivated adults. We strive for all our students to have a Black Belt Excellence perspective in all they do. Our classes will mold each person physically and imbibe in them the mindset of a champion!