New Generation Karate

Little Dragons

We have a great program called the Little Dragons which is for 3-5 year old boys and girls. These classes are 30 minutes. We focus on respect, discipline, confidence, listening skills, fundamental athletic skills, and effective self-defense. Lessons include skills and drills on stranger danger, bully defense, child abduction prevention, and more. This program includes training two days a week.

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Little Dragons

Jump Start Your Child’s Growth With Us

Your child is at the beginning of an exciting journey, and we are here to help. Start them early with our NGK Little Dragons classes, suited for boys and girls ages 3-5. We provide enjoyable and educational activities that will help our kids grow into confident and driven achievers. We want to see them happy and healthy, and our Karate program is the perfect path to start!

The Place to Learn All Kinds of Skills

We envision our students to become well-rounded individuals. Our Karate programs will teach your child exciting and practical skills such as awareness, verbal and non-verbal boundary setting, self-defense, and athletics such as coordination, balance, strength, and the right nutrition. We also go beyond the physical forms and teach them the essential life values: respect, perseverance, discipline, and commitment.

Watch Them Develop a “YES I CAN” Attitude

Developing good social skills is an essential step of childhood development. As students learn the values that As early as three years old, we will help children become resilient to change and teach them to reach short-term goals. These small wins will help them hone their focus and attention. Our “Yes I Can” philosophy will also show them the meaning of loyalty, discipline, integrity, and confidence. Their exposure to their peers will make them braver to peer pressure, educated about bullying, and wise when it comes to strangers.

Having Fun

At this age, the most important thing to us, is that they HAVE FUN. They’ll get out all their boundless energy by running, jumping, punching, kicking, tumbling, and wrestling in a healthy and focused way.

While they are still learning the values of respect, focus, and discipline, we tailor the skills and drills of each class, to seem more like “learning games” which they love to play and look forward to each class. Once they LOVE learning, we can teach them ANYTHING.

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